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Destiny 2’s Lucky Pants are getting reworked

Lucky Pants are getting luckier

Destiny 2's character screen, including some Lucky Pants

Lucky Pants. It’s just fun to say, right? Today, Bungie has revealed some of the Exotic changes on the way for Destiny 2, and while loads of items are getting adjusted, you can expect a full-on rework for Lucky Pants. The devs break down what you can expect from most of the changes in a new blog post, but there are some additional details that have only come to light in social media follow-ups.

Lucky Pants now features the intrinsic Hand Cannon Holster mod, which states: “when you ready a fully-loaded Hand Cannon that deals Kinetic damage or damage matching your subclass energy type, for a short time each hit against a combatant from that Hand Cannon increases the damage of the next shot.”

Holsters are a new type of mod for leg armour which reload stowed weapons of the appropriate type over time. You’ll find holster mods for a variety of weapon types, but not for rocket launchers, breech-loaded grenade launchers, or bows, “as we didn’t want to affect any weapon that has a magazine size of one”.

Elsewhere, the team confirms that the damage bonus will only apply in PvE, and that “Lucky Pants still confers its fast ready and accuracy bonuses on hand cannons in this revamp”, so you won’t have to worry about losing that bit of the original functionality.

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