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TWAB confirms more Destiny 2 Vault space and reveals new Trials armour

The latest This Week at Bungie includes the welcome news of additional Destiny 2 Vault space, which is increasing from 500 to 600 slots, in the next patch

Destiny 2 vault space is getting bigger, and new Trials of Osiris armour (shown here) is themed on Egyptian motifs of a ram, an owl, and a baboon.

A new Destiny 2 season is imminent, and today’s This Week at Bungie post covers more of the changes that will be coming May 24 with its arrival. However, what may be the biggest news is tucked away in the patch notes section: Destiny 2 Vault space is finally increasing, although perhaps not quite as much as players had hoped.

Vault space has been a bit of a pain point for Destiny 2 players for quite a while, and the problem has only gotten worse as new seasons and expansions have introduced new gear to the far-ranging MMO game. It’s an engineering problem rather than an intentional design decision, however, and Bungie says it’s working on ways to increase the amount of Vault space available to each player.

For now, however, we can expect Vaults to expand by 100 slots, going from the current 500 slots to a somewhat roomier 600. “While we know this doesn’t enable players to save every single piece of loot in the game, the team was able to pull some strings and get a little more space for your Vaults as they continue to investigate further solutions,” Bungie senior community manager Dylan ‘dmg04’ Gafner writes in today’s post.

Today’s TWAB also offers a first look at the new Trials of Osiris armour sets, which feature fantastical ancient Egyptian-themed looks with ram, owl, and baboon motifs and gold accents. There’s also a matching Ghost skin and a stunning new falcon-themed look for the sparrow.

A Destiny 2 sparrow speeder themed with a feathered white and gold Falcon motif.

Destiny 2’s newest dungeon will open up next week at the beginning of the new season. Bungie isn’t saying much about it yet, but expect the new dungeon to unlock May 27 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST. The recommended power for normal difficulty is 1550, and while master difficulty will also be available on day one, Bungie is keeping the entry requirements a surprise for now.

In terms of rewards, the new dungeon will offer a legendary armour set per class (with artifice versions available in master difficulty), four new legendary weapons, two legendary reprised weapons, one exotic weapon, one exotic catalyst, one exotic accessory (a ship or sparrow), and two legendary emblems.

Bungie will be debuting the reworked events system for the first time with this year’s Solstice event – which is simply called ‘Solstice’ now, rather than ‘Solstice of Heroes.’ Going forward, you’ll only level one armour set during these events instead of progressing up through all three, but you’ll be able to re-roll its stats.

The upcoming Solstice will also feature a freshened-up European Aerial Zone, which has been rearranged to be easier to traverse. A new event set there called Bonfire Bash has Guardians protecting festive bonfires from rowdy party-crashing gangs of Cabal, Taken, Hive, and Fallen.
Bungie’s already provided a look at the new PvP map coming this season, which will begin May 24.