Destiny 2: what is the Nightfall weapon this week?

Everything you need to know about this week's Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon, along with the Nightfall Strike you'll need to beat in order to claim it

The three Destiny 2 Nightfall weapons that are on weekly rotation for Season of the Splicer.

Want to know what this week’s Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon is? Each week you’ve got a chance at a different weapon for completing Nightfall Strikes, and ever since Season of the Lost, fan-favourite legacy weapons from the original Destiny have been added to the rotation. Two new weapons were introduced into the pool in Season of the Risen, so it’s more important than ever to know in advance the Nightfall weapon schedule.

In case you don’t know what the Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon means, Nightfall: The Ordeal is a playlist available in the Vanguard menu, alongside the basic Strike playlist. Each week, a different Strike is chosen as the Nightfall, and offered in five escalating difficulties, with harder enemies, challenging modifiers, and enemy power levels cranking up.

The coveted Nightfall weapons have a chance to drop from any Nightfall Strike difficulty, but it’s far more likely at higher levels. Your best bet for farming each week’s Nightfall weapon is to set the Strike to Master difficulty, according to YouTuber Aztecross. You should also note that there’s no automatic matchmaking above Hero difficulty, however, so you’ll need to get a squad together.

What is the Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon this week?

The Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon from August 16 to August 23 is the Silicon Neuroma, a Legendary kinetic sniper rifle. Players farming the weapon for PvE can look for rolls that contain Arrowhead Brake, which improves recoil and boosts handling, while Guardians who plan to use it for PvP should look for Hammer-Forged Rifling, which increases range.

This week’s Nightfall strike is Proving Grounds. The strike pits players against waves of Cabal and culminates in a fight against Empress Caiatl’s champion. This is not the most difficult strike in the game, but it’s also not the easiest, especially at Grandmaster difficulty. Successfully completing it gives players the opportunity to earn the Silicon Neuroma.

You can complete this Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty to earn the Adept version of this weapon. While drop rates appear to be fairly high, Adept weapons aren’t guaranteed rewards. So, if you’re gunning for an Adept weapon, prepare to have to play through the Grandmaster strike more than once.

Just as in Trials of Osiris, Adept weapons get +3 to every stat (except impact) when masterworked, as well as the usual +10 to the masterwork stat, and are the only guns that can equip powerful Adept mods, so they’re well worth seeking out when they’re available.

A squad of players in Destiny 2 take on boss, like you would for a Nightfall strike to get the Nightfall weapon

Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon schedule

The current Nightfall weapon always changes with the Destiny 2 weekly reset at 5pm UTC, every Tuesday. There are six weapons currently on rotation in the Nightfall loot pool. They are:

  • The Hothead
  • Duty Bound
  • Silicon Neuroma
  • PLUG ONE.1
  • D.F.A.
  • Horror’s Least

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