Presage is coming back to Destiny 2 via exotic rotator missions

Presage is returning to Destiny 2 via exotic rotator missions, which will allow Guardians to play missions that might otherwise be vaulted.

Presage is coming back to Destiny 2 via exotic rotator missions: A Lightfall Guardian walks through the Presage backdrop.

Presage is returning to Destiny 2 via exotic rotator missions, which will also include Vox Obscura and Operation: Seraph’s Shield, according to a post from Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn. Similar to the game’s raid rotator and dungeon rotator, the exotic missions will allow New Lights to experience the content they didn’t get to experience when it initially launched in the FPS game. They’ll also offer continued opportunities for seasoned players to enjoy missions Bungie might have otherwise removed from the game. Players can expect the exotic mission rotator to launch in Destiny 2 season 22.

“Like our legacy raid and dungeon rotators, the Exotic mission rotator will feature Exotic missions from the past that rotate on a weekly cadence and offer great rewards for players willing to dive into some classic content,” Blackburn said in the post. “In Season 22, this rotator will contain the Exotic missions from Seasons 13, 16, and 19: Presage, Vox Obscura, and Operation: Seraph’s Shield. With this framework implemented, we hope to use this rotator in the future to continue to bring some of Destiny 2’s most classic missions back into the fold.”

Players have questioned why specific missions, such as Operation: Seraph’s Shield, part of the Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest, should be slated to leave the game after a set time. Operation Seraph’s Shield was some of the most exciting content in Destiny 2 season 19, and the rotator is an ideal way to bring missions like this back without necessarily having them take the place of all-new content.

The announcement comes alongside several additional updates from Blackburn in a detailed look at what players can expect beyond the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date. Bungie will also introduce tweaks to the Vanguard Ops playlist designed to make the strikes more difficult. Blackburn further shared that players could expect to find refreshes of the Lake of Shadows and Arms Dealer strikes “re-imagined and upgraded to match the combat engagement levels of some of our more recent strike entries.” Strikes that have not been updated recently, such as Exodus Crash and The Inverted Spire, will have a reduced presence in the Vanguard Ops playlists, though they will still be available to play. The Bungie team also intends to introduce season 16 and season 19 Battlegrounds as Nightfalls, starting with the Mars Heist Battleground as part of the Nightfall rotation in Destiny 2 season 20, which is called the Season of Defiance.

Blackburn also announced that Destiny 2 players could expect a reprised raid in season 22 and provided more insight into forthcoming difficulty tweaks. There’s plenty for players to look forward to with Lightfall, season 20, and the introduction of the Destiny 2 Strand subclass coming to one of the best multiplayer games on PC.