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Bungie has a solution for Destiny 2’s ‘problem reading game content’ error

Here are some solutions to try if you're getting Destiny 2 errors on Steam

Destiny 2 has had its latest big launch, and while many players have been able to enjoy Shadowkeep and New Light after yesterday’s server errors were resolved, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Bungie’s tracking plenty of issues across all versions of the game, and there are a handful of solutions you can try ahead of the next patch.

If you’re having a ‘problem reading game content’ error on Steam, Bungie recommends deleting the ‘steam_appid.txt’ file from your Destiny 2 install. That file is typically found under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Destiny 2, but could also be in the \Destiny 2\bin\x64 folder.

If your Steam account has over 300 friends, you might get crashes at the title screen. If so, you need to trim your friends list. For Squirrel or Weasel errors, you should try removing Cyrilic letters from your Steam nickname or clan info. Finally, if you’re having trouble accessing your Battle.net purchases on Steam, Bungie says you should retry the PC migration page.

Those are the issues with specific solutions right now, but you can head to the known issues page to see what else Bungie is trying to fix.

Destiny 2 player count managed to impress yesterday even with the launch problems, and it’s looking to hit even greater as these issues get ironed out.