Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest launches, driving a new mystery

Destiny 2's Revision Zero exotic quest has launched, but the new weapon seems to be tied to a bigger mystery unfolding in the game's universe

Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest launches, driving a new mystery: The Revision Zero weapon from Destiny 2.

The Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest launched with this week’s reset, granting players who own the FPS game‘s seasonal content access to a new exotic pulse rifle. However, this weapon appears to be related to another in-game mystery, though the community is still working to piece together the bigger puzzle.

The new exotic pulse rifle fires shield-piercing ammo, making it strong against Barrer Champions. It’s also a relatively high-range weapon. Players need to complete one round of the Destiny 2 season 19 activity, Heist Battleground, to obtain the weapon quest, which is called Operation Seraph’s Shield.

Operation Seraph’s Shield involves solving a series of puzzles, and completing it will grant you both the Revision Zero and the ability to craft it. While most crafting options remain locked for the time being, players will likely unlock more crafting options and the weapon’s catalysts throughout the season.

The weapon itself is part of a bigger mystery. There are numerous balls, which appear to be some form of technology, presently scattered throughout the Destiny 2 universe. Revision Zero seems to be able to shoot them, though its unclear whether that’s due to the power of its shield-piercing abilities or some intrinsic aspect of the weapon itself. In the past, similar shooting puzzles have granted Guardians access to special items, though it’s not clear whether that’s what’s happening in this case. As of now, people are unsure what shooting all of them does. They could be part of a time-gated reveal or some deeper puzzle that Bungie is waiting for players to discover, like a secret activity that will only unlock after players complete a series of hidden tasks.

Regardless, this mystery is a welcome inclusion into the game after controversy over Destiny 2’s perceived lack of secrets over the past couple of seasons. The controversy arose after the Destiny 2 Telesto event, which left players confused about whether they should look for deeper meaning in the seemingly random shooting patterns and changes in firing modes.

Bungie recently addressed player feedback, suggesting the team was actively seeding secrets in the current season and that there would be more to come. Perhaps part of the reason for the dearth of secrets in the game’s recent months is Bungie’s shift in focus toward the Revision Zero mysteries.

Regardless, we can expect players to start working together to solve the mysteries of Revision Zero, just as they’ve always worked together to solve secrets in the past. Perhaps the events taking place now will pave the way toward the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date and storyline, which promises to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing Destiny 2 battle between the Light and the Darkness.