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Destiny has outsold every FPS series except Call of Duty since launch

Destiny sales are nothing to sneeze at

Destiny has had plenty of ups and downs over the years, and the downs have regularly led to the internet’s favourite gaming meme: that Destiny is a ‘dead game.’ But while the latest chapter is still perfecting the formula – check out our Shadowkeep review for more on that – Bungie’s shooter has quietly claimed the number two spot in its genre.

In terms of US dollar sales, at least. Destiny is second only to Call of Duty in the FPS genre since September 2014, according to Mat Piscatella of the industry analyst group NPD. During that same time frame, Destiny was the seventh overall best-selling series, though aside from CoD we don’t know what other titles are on the list.

That’s all before Shadowkeep even launched, but the latest expansion has showed early signs of success. Shadowkeep sales were enough to give it the top two slots on Steam’s top seller charts, and the Destiny 2 player count has sat right behind Steam’s big three – Dota 2, PUBG, and CS:GO – ever since the game landed on Valve’s platform.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a Destiny 2 exotics list and a Destiny 2 Shadowkeep leveling guide to help you quickly get up to snuff in Bungie’s brave new world. By which I mean the moon.

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