Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Exotics: new Exotics we’ve found so far

Another Destiny 2 season means more Exotics to chase, here’s what to expect


What are the new Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Exotics? Now that the Shadowkeep expansion era has drawn to a close, our minds have started to wonder what new Exotics we can busy ourselves chasing.

As is customary, we’re getting a few new Destiny 2 Exotics to grind for. Bungie introduces the weapons and armor into the game in numerous ways, from story mission rewards to random drops. The Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Exotics have proven quite nifty, and also came with some variety. One of the standouts was the Destiny 2 Xenophage quest, a machine gun that’s supposed to hit like a truck. The gun itself hasn’t gotten off to the best start, and Bungie is planning to buff it, but the quest format means everyone has a fair shot of getting it.

As for this season, though, we’ve got some Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Exotics to chase. In this guide, we’ll go over everything we know about the new gear, from where to get them to what their stats are.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Exotics

New Exotic armor

The Bombardiers

  • Armor type: Hunter legs
  • Perk: Parting Gift – using your dodge will leave a small explosive behind
  • Source: random drop

Severance Enclosure

  • Armor type: Titan chest
  • Perk: Spheromatik Trigger – defeating an enemy with a melee or finisher results in an explosion
  • Source: random drop

Promethium Spur

  • Armor type: Warlock legs
  • Perk: defeating an enemy while Daybreak is active creates a Healing or Empowering Rift at their location
  • Source: random drop

New Exotic guns


  • Weapon type: Scout Rifle
  • Perk: Revolution – hold in the reload button to swap to Arc Seeker mode, allowing you to fire shots that follow foes and detonate
  • Source: free with the Season of Dawn Battle Pass

Devil’s Ruin

  • Weapon type: Sidearm
  • Perk: Close the Gap – hold the fire button to charge up a powerful laser
  • Source: you can get the Devil’s Ruin by completing A Moment in Time Exotic quest


  • Weapon type: Fusion Rifle
  • Perk: Saint’s Fists – allows you to charge up and fire three spreads of kinetic slug rounds
  • Source: complete the Corridors of Time quest, or wait until the reset on January 21, 2020, and speak to Saint-14

And there you have it, all the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Exotics we know of so far. There certainly seems to be a theme of explosions – especially around the armor. There’s still a few details to come, but we’ll update this guide when we know more. Either way, they should make for some interesting Destiny 2 builds.