After loads of server errors, Bungie takes Destiny 2 “offline for emergency maintenance”

Destiny 2 is having a big day. The new Shadowkeep expansion has launched and the base game has gotten a free-to-play makeover, and a whole lot of players are eager to try both. While Destiny 2 player count is looking mighty good today, it seems a fair few players have been spending that time staring at login queues and error messages.

Now, Bungie says “Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 are being taken offline for emergency maintenance,” and tells players to stand by for updates. Rich. our resident Destiny superfan, caught an image of an error message which says “Destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity. You will join the game in the order in which you connected.” Similar error reports are all over social media, and it seems that the servers simultaneously booted every player at once.

That’s all anecdotal, but it would certainly explain why the player count recorded by SteamDB dropped by 50,000 in the span of a few minutes. For its part, Bungie’s official help account simply says “we are investigating Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 players encountering sign-on errors.” Another update posted about 30 minutes later adds that the investigation continues. Apparently that investigation necessitated the game coming down entirely.

Naturally, players aren’t happy about the server woes. The game’s Steam page already hosts over 3,000 reviews, and around 700 of them are varied complaints about server issues. I don’t know if that counts as a review bomb, but I don’t think anyone’s thoughts about Shadowkeep or New Light are fully formed just yet.

It turns out that Destiny 2 is a dead game after all. Ironically, that death was because too many people were trying to play it.

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