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Destiny 2 Telesto returns, immediately breaks the game again

Destiny 2’s Telesto bugs are legendary, and its latest appearance in the space FPS game’s Season of the Haunted is continuing to cause trouble for players

Destiny 2's Telesto bugs continue: Banshee-44 looks at their empty hands, Telesto is missing

Bungie included a reference to notorious exotic fusion rifle Telesto in the new Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted – and, perfectly in line with the gun’s troubled past, its re-inclusion in the FPS game has continued to cause issues for players. Even Halo community writer Alex Wakeford, who created the ‘Previously on Destiny’ and ‘Previously on Halo’ lore websites, has commented that he has also run into the gun’s newest act of mischief.

Telesto is so legendary for its issues that it has its own dedicated website, which keeps track of every reported bug associated with the weapon and the time since the last known issue sprung up. The newest appearance of Telesto places it in the hands of local Tower gunsmith Banshee-44, who keeps it ready while dealing with players. However, this coincided with instances of the game crashing when players attempted to acquire items from Banshee-44.

Bungie lead community manager Cozmo responded to the news with a ‘reset the clock’ gif, referencing the Telesto report website. Halo writer Wakeford also ran into the issue, posting an image of Banshee-44 with empty hands positioned as though they were holding the rifle and asking, “Where did Telesto go??”

Bungie has already pulled Telesto from Destiny 2 on multiple occasions due to some of its more severe bugs, so perhaps the gun is taking matters into its own hands and making itself scarce. Or perhaps, as some community members speculate, Telesto has finally achieved sentience and escaped to roam the Tower, zapping player servers when they least expect it.

Given the current season’s name, maybe this is all the start of an elaborate metagame narrative by Bungie to lean into the mystery of a ‘haunted weapon’ for the space game. If you’ve managed to elude Telesto’s troublemaking, you might want to know how to start the Destiny 2 Nightmare Containment activity which is part of Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted.