Transmog comes to Destiny 2 in Season 14 – here’s what to expect

We’ve known that Destiny 2 transmog is coming, but now we know when. Bungie has confirmed that the feature will land in Season 14, and has even provided a few work-in-progress screenshots showing how the feature will look in-game. The studio promises “more details to come”, but the devs have already provided a few bits of info on what to expect.

“Transmog will be coming with Season 14”, Bungie says in its latest development blog. Based on the usual timing, Season 14 should launch around May 2021, but it’s impossible to call that date with any certainty this far in advance.

The screenshots, which are “work-in-progress” and “may change”, show a single screen where you can manage appearance for each of your five armour pieces, including both the base look of the gear and its specific shader. The devs previously confirmed that the new transmog system will pull from Collections, so there’ll be no need to keep your inventory cluttered with cool-looking gear. “You can just delete all that shit”, director Luke Smith said.

You can see another image of the new transmog screen below.

Bungie’s take on FPS games is also getting cross-play in 2021, as well as a host of improvements to the reward structure, so you’ll have more reasons to keep playing.