Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris glitch lets players farm an Adept weapon

A Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris glitch lets Guardians farm this season's Adept Exalted Truth Legendary hand cannon, with Bungie's blessing

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris glitch lets players farm an Adept weapon: The Exalted Truth hand cannon.

A Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris glitch lets players farm an Adept version of the activity’s seasonal hand cannon, Exalted Truth, giving them stronger chances of landing a god roll version of the weapon.

The Adept Exalted Truth is only available to players who go Flawless in Trials of Osiris. Earning it in the FPS game doesn’t guarantee a ‘god roll’ or specific preferred perks. With the glitch, players who go Flawless can exchange their Trials of Osiris engrams for Adept versions of the weapon. Adept weapons have special mods, include an additional perk slot, and earn higher stats when masterworked. Bungie limits the number of Adept seasonal weapons a person can earn from a single Flawless run.

While activity farming is a common way for players to earn the game’s best weapons with the god rolls players want, the typical process to earn the Trials of Osiris Adept weapon involves going ‘Flawless’ by winning seven games of the highly-competitive PvP activity in a row and opening the chests at the end of the activity.

Doing so also grants a Flawless card, allowing players to exchange their unfocused Trials of Osiris engrams, Legendary shards and Glimmer for specific weapons. Typically, the card presents only one such opportunity.

However, the glitch allows players to continue to reuse their Flawless cards to exchange their engrams for Adept versions of this season’s weapon. Ultimately, players who go Flawless once throughout the weekend can submit all their Trials Engrams for Adept versions of the seasonal trials weapon.

Players noticed the glitch soon after Destiny 2 season 19‘s first Trials of Osiris launched on December 16. Bungie quickly addressed the issue and noted it was under investigation via the official Bungie Help Twitter account.

Soon after, Bungie Help again updated its community.

“UPDATE: As we continue to investigate a fix for this issue, the ability to purchase multiple Adept weapons will remain active over the weekend,” the tweet said. However, it noted that the company would also temporarily disable the game’s Flawless matchmaking pool, which usually takes place during the game’s Sunday daily reset.

Although some players argue that increased access to Adept weapons with possible god rolls devalues them, others suggest such a reward opportunity is good for the overall health of the activity. Players must still go Flawless in Trials of Osiris, which is a difficult accomplishment. Then, for their best chance at a god roll, players must continue to farm Trials engrams to gain access to more Adept versions weapons using the exploit. This means they must actively remain engaged in Trials of Osiris throughout the weekend, contributing to the overall player pool.

Others have complained about Bungie’s decision to disable the game’s Flawless pool. The Flawless pool is a matchmaking tool that Bungie implemented to ensure players who have achieved Flawless throughout the weekend will play only against other players who have achieved Flawless. This ensures weaker Trials of Osiris players can still have a chance at going Flawless without continually playing against players who have already reached the distinction of Flawless for the weekend.

Bungie appears to have decided to disable the Flawless pool to limit the number of players who can access the glitch. Weaker players may have been relying on the Flawless pool to help ensure they don’t have to play against top-tier players for a shot at accessing the exploit.

Regardless, Bungie’s intentional decision to allow the glitch to remain in effect over the weekend cuts against the commonly held notion that game developers are only quick to fix glitches that benefit players in some way. Players who want a chance at accessing the Adept Trials of Osiris weapon glitch have until the game’s weekly reset tomorrow at 9 am PST / noon EST / 5 pm GMT to go Flawless and farm the item.

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