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Destiny 2 Vex Incursion zone explained

If you’re after a challenge on Neomuna and want to bag yourself some exotic armour, the Destiny 2 Vex Incursion zone should be your go-to area.

Destiny 2 Vex Incursion zone: two menacing robots fire their laser weapons

Initially, the Destiny 2 Vex Incursion zone is a guaranteed way to meet your maker – the high-level enemies that patrol the zone on Neomuna dwarf your own power when you begin the Lightfall campaign and should be treated with caution. With a few pieces of equipment under your belt, however, you can begin to farm this area for some rare rewards.

In the Destiny 2 Vex Incursion zone, the aforementioned enemy will appear in much larger numbers, Strand Meditations will drop more frequently, and in greater amounts. Importantly, it’s also the area in the free PC game in which some legendary missions, like several parts of the Bluejay quest, take place, and is the catalyst for a special public event that drops a guaranteed exotic armour piece.

Destiny 2 Vex Incursion zone: a soldier throws a large dagger at a robot

What is the Destiny 2 Vex Incursion Zone?

The Vex Incursion zone is a rotating area of Neomuna that rewards the player with increased Strand Meditation rewards, rare public events, and a higher level of opponent.

You’ll be sent to the Vex Incursion zone more often after you’ve ticked off everything from the Lightfall mission list, as there are legendary quests that take place in the deadly area. After increasing your power level past the soft cap, you should be able to damage the Vex in this zone with ease, but take care you don’t get overwhelmed by their superior numbers.

The Vex Incursion zone is the best place to farm Strand Meditations – key if you want to upgrade your Strand subclass at the Pond. There is also a rare public event named Vex Strike Force, which tasks you with eliminating several tough Minotaurs within a time limit. The beauty of the Vex Strike Force public event is that it is guaranteed to drop a piece of Destiny 2 exotic armour; perfect if you’re still climbing that power ladder, or if you’re looking for a specific roll.

Now that you know how the Destiny 2 Vex Incursion zone works, it’s time to gear up, set your best loadout, and dive headlong into the fray. If you’re still struggling with the Lightfall campaign, make sure to heed our guide on how to beat the Calus boss fight. Checking out the best Destiny 2 builds couldn’t hurt, either.