Destiny 2’s new warlock stasis supers are now deleting bosses in seconds

The combined one-two punch of the stasis warlock super in Destiny 2 is apparently enough to erase boss health bars off the screen


Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s new stasis-based Warlock subclass, the Shadebinder, has had issues with its super since Beyond Light launched – starting with players discovering that they could loop the super indefinitely with some careful timing. Now it appears that the super can be used to annihilate any boss in the game in mere seconds.

Gladd, a player with the Destiny 2 clan Redeem, has been posting clips of a team of Shadebinder warlocks (and one hunter) using the new one-two punch Winter’s Wrath super to insta-kill a variety of Destiny 2’s toughest bosses. The meatball boss in Gambit? Obliterated. Morgeth the Spirekeeper? See ya. Riven, the final boss of the Last Wish raid? Wiped off the map. Nothing appears to be able to stand up to the power of multiple shatter waves from the Shadebinder super.

It appears to be some powerful reaction caused by a combination of a stasis grenade (or one fired from the new exotic stasis grenade launcher, Salvation’s Grip) and the shockwave attack in Winter’s Wrath. The effect is dramatic – boss health bars literally disappear, as though the FPS game‘s UI can’t keep up with the amount of damage that’s being dealt in a single instant.

The fireteam is employing an additional trick that may magnify the effect – they’re all using the Whisper of Hedrons stasis fragment which grants bonus weapon damage after freezing a target at a cost to strength.

Here it is in action, starting with Kalli the Corrupted:

Moving on in Last Wish to Morgeth:

And finally on to Riven, which is just sad.

Then there’s the ‘meatball boss’ (a.k.a the Ascendant Primeval) in Gambit, which supposedly has immune phases. Not anymore, apparently.

Bungie appears to have noticed.

We’ve reached out to Bungie to see what it’s doing about this situation – we’re pretty sure this isn’t how the new Warlock super is supposed to be working, and it could spell trouble for the launch of the new Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt raid this weekend. We’ll update this story with any further information.

In the meantime, here’s where to find Destiny 2’s entropic shards on the icy moon of Europa, which is the new location introduced in Beyond Light.