Destiny 2 Warmind Cells won’t drop from seasonal Seraph weapons

Destiny 2 Warmind Cells won't drop from season 19 Seraph weapons, players were surprised to learn, though IKELOS weapons are craftable and drop such cells

Destiny 2 Warmind Cells won’t drop from seasonal Seraph weapons: A Guardian uses the new seasonal glaive against an enemy.

Destiny 2 Warmind Cells aren’t dropping from seasonal Seraph weapons, leaving some players scratching their heads over Bungie’s decision to put the weapons into centre focus during Destiny 2 season 19.

When the Destiny 2 season 19 trailer launched, Guardians were excited to learn that the forthcoming season would focus on Rasputin, a great AI Warmind. The storyline is set to navigate The Witness’s attempt to control Warsats with apparent aid from Xivu Arath.

The Rasputin-themed season immediately led players to focus on Warmind Cell-focused character builds. The season’s title, Season of the Seraph, also seemed to emphasise Warmind Cells, as the game’s previous classes of Seraph weapons, called Seventh Seraph weapons, have dropped the cells.

However, Guardians were quick to note that the game’s seasonal weapons are not dropping Warmind cells.

In a Reddit post titled “The new seasonal weapons do not generate Warmind Cells” that’s been upvoted more than 1,300 times, poster u/Zevvion notes that they got excited by the seasonal glaive, pulse rifle, and bow due to the expectation that such Seraph weapons would drop Warmind Cells. However, even with more than 100 kills on the pulse rifle, the player says they did not get a single Warmind Cell.

The Bungie team’s decision to disregard Warmind Cells disappointed some players who expected the weapons would be equipped with the power of Warmind Cells as Seraph weapons had in the past. The confusion stems from the fact that the seasonal weapons are not Seventh Seraph weapons, nor do they have Seraph in the title. Instead, they are Clovis Bray Seraph weapons, which marks a point of confusion among players.

However, all IKELOS weapons continue to drop Warmind cells and are also craftable this season. So, while the seasonal weapons won’t offer the cells, there are still ways to get new weapons that carry these modifiers.

Warmind Cells are spheres that drop from some weapons and Exotic builds, though the cells most typically drop from guns in the IKELOS and Seventh Seraph families. When these weapons drop Warmind Cells, players can shoot them, which causes them to explode and cause area-of-effect damage or other impacts. Although Bungie previously nerfed the cells, they remain extremely powerful.

However, over the past few seasons, Warmind Cells have taken a backseat to other armour mod-based effects, such as Charged with Light and Elemental Well buffs. Some players suspect Bungie intended to remove Warmind Cells from the space game at some point but opted not to do so upon the team’s decision to no longer sunset content from the game.

A Rasputin-based season would have provided an excellent opportunity to put Warmind Cells back in focus. Some players speculate that weapons in the forthcoming dungeon will drop weapons that also drop Warmind Cells, though this is unconfirmed.

Bungie developers did say there would be more ways to produce Warmind Cells this season in the popular FPS game, leading some Guardians to believe that this means there will be some option beyond the Seventh Seraph weapons and the IKELOS weapons. However, whether that means dungeon weapons or a late-season Exotic will drop such cells remains to be seen.