Destiny 2 is dropping weekly bounties and missable events in Year 4

Bungie fundamentally shifted how it handled Destiny 2 content in Year 3, in an effort to make sure players kept getting new content – but controversially, a lot of that new seasonal content has been missable. The devs are making some key changes heading into Year 4 that’ll help reduce the fear of missing out, both for players who want to stay current all the time and those who prefer to dip in throughout the year.

Starting in Season 12 – the first content rollout of Year 4 – narrative events and the “core parts of the activity experience” will continue for the entire year. Rewards from previous activities will still be available in subsequent seasons. Some content will get left behind, for both narrative and design reasons, but you’ll be able to play all the major content for the entire year.

The devs give an example of how this is currently planned work in the latest TWAB blog: “With our new approach, when Season of Dawn concluded we would have left behind the ‘Saving Saint-14’ quest, the Exotic quests to acquire Devil’s Ruin and Bastion, and the Sundial activity. We would sunset the Obelisks experience to reduce clutter in the quest log and to keep bounty quantity from inflating across the game, and deprecate the Fractaline currency so it could be safely removed from the player’s inventory.”

Weekly bounties are also going away as of Season 12. Bungie feels that players are missing out on too much progress if they miss a week, and that bounties in general have become too central to character progress. Weekly bounties will be replaced with “a mechanism that provides players with a set of non-expiring and account-scoped objectives each week that grant lots of Season Rank progress (more than the Weeklies they replace).”

There will be new mechanisms to replace your primary source of Bright Dust, too, as Bungie says on Reddit, but details on what’s changing for Eververse are set to land sometime next week.

Destiny’s blend of MMORPG and FPS games has always been its defining characteristic, but Bungie still hasn’t hit on quite the right blend to keep up the content without making the game feel like an unending grind. Hopefully these Year 4 changes get us a bit closer.