Destiny 2 Xenophage – how to complete The Journey quest

If you're after an exotic machine gun that absolutely shreds enemies, you could do much worse than the Destiny 2 Xenophage, here's how to get it.

Three Destiny 2 Guardians on the moon

If you’re after the Destiny 2 Xenophage, you’re in the right place. This exotic machine gun differs from the usual in that it has a relatively small clip size – sitting at a measly 20 rounds before you have to reload. Now that the downside is out of the way, did we mention that it fires explosive rounds?

The Destiny 2 Xenophage will take up your heavy slot – much to the chagrin of anyone who has the Destiny 2 Leviathan’s Breath – but more options in the free PC game are always nice. The weapon’s Exotic perk is called Pyrotoxin Rounds and results in your rounds detonating on enemies, doing more damage. Combine that with a machine gun’s typical high rate of fire and things are lookin’ pretty nifty.

How to get Destiny 2 Xenophage

Pick up The Journey quest

First up, head to the part of the Moon where Eris Morn dwells and walk over to the portal that sits to her right. You will have been through this portal a few times so you should recognise it. Once you’re through, head to the point where Eris sometimes stands – usually after you complete a memory – and you’ll see four statues.

Each statue lights up another, and you’ll need to light up all four to unlock the quest. To do so, interact with them in this order: front right, back left, back right, and front left. Once they’re all lit, a chest will appear and will reward you with The Journey quest.

Light the lanterns

Next up you’ll want to fast-travel to Anchor of Light and head towards the large tower on the left side. Within the small building under the tower to the left you’ll find a fire that gives you a buff when you interact with it. The goal here is to light six other lanterns in a certain order. Check out this illustration from Redditor Dopmeister for a visual on where to go.

Solve the Lost Sector puzzles

Next up you’ll need to travel the four Lost Sectors on the moon and solve a puzzle that can be found just past the final chest. You’ll find nine symbols on the wall in a three by three grid formation. Don’t stress about it, though, just shoot ‘em in this order and all will be dandy:

  • Archer’s Line code – top left, bottom left, middle, then middle right
  • Anchor of Light code – Bottom left, bottom right, top middle, then top middle
  • Hellmouth code – top right, middle left, middle, bottom middle, bottom right, bottom right, bottom middle, then bottom middle
  • Sorrow’s Harbor code – middle left, middle, middle, middle left, middle top, middle bottom, middle, then middle right

Complete challenges within The Pit of Heresy dungeon

This one involves completing the new Pit of Heresy dungeon and splintering off to complete numerous challenges before fighting a boss.

And there you have it, that’s how you complete The Journey quest and how you get Xenophage as a result. It’s not too much of a timesink, in truth, but completing the dungeon will prove challenging to some. You’ll want to pick up as many Destiny 2 exotics as you can before taking on the new Lightfall raid – The Root of Nightmares won’t be going easy on anyone.