Feeling tense between Destiny 2 raids? These players started a yoga class at the Tower

Enjoy a Meditative Moment

Destiny 2 can be stressful. Whether it’s the intense competition of the Crucible, the endless array of enemies out on patrol, the harrowing difficulty of the latest raids, or anger that Xur still isn’t selling what you want, Guardians have it tough. One group of Destiny 2 players have taken some extra steps toward physical, spiritual, and mental well-being by starting a yoga class in the middle of the Tower.

Posted by Reddit user Mxguelj98, you can vicariously enjoy a group of Guardians engaging in varied yoga poses in perfect synchronisation for yourself. Sure, it’s technically just a bunch of people activating the new Meditative Moment emote from the Eververse all at once, but it does look extremely pleasant.

The latest round of Moments of Triumph is now underway, and there are plenty of rewards that are more tangible and less spiritual to be enjoyed as a result. Chief among them is a returning favourite – check out how to get Bad Juju if you’re looking for details on that.

And if yoga isn’t enough to get you through, dig into our Crown of Sorrow raid guide.

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The Shadowkeep release date is set for September 17, and you can follow that link for details on what Bungie is planning in the next big step for Destiny 2.