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Destiny tower hub already rebuilt in Minecraft

Minecraft: with its random spawns, more a game of chance than Destiny.

Destiny’s non-combat hub, the Tower Plaza, is something to behold. Our friends on the consoles have been taking in an overstuffed skybox to rival any in Halo – and below it, the veins of the last city on Earth.

We can’t join them – Destiny isn’t on PC yet. So let’s go to a place where the ambient tolling of sombre bells is replaced by the oinking of nearby pigs. Let’s go to YouTube, and Quincy Van Hilst’s reversioning of the Tower hub in Minecraft.

YouTuber Van Hilst uploaded a tour of his creation yesterday, just as Destiny was released.

As such, the map isn’t entirely finished yet – it’s based entirely on the game’s beta build. But it does incorporate the main plaza area, as well as its shops, hangar and The Traveler – the city-sized sphere that hovers unnervingly close to the Earth’s surface.

Construction took three or four days to complete. Here’s Destiny’s Tower, for comparison’s sake.

Unfortunately, we can’t step inside Van Hilst’s version of the Tower on the PC either. The YouTuber built his map on the Xbox 360, and plans to finish it on the Xbox One. For comparable contemporary shooter antics, we’ll have to turn to Minecraft’s Titanfall mod.

Still: there’s something charming about seeing sheep spawns replace the creaking crickets of Bungie’s masterwork, isn’t there?

Cheers, Eurogamer.