Bungie are hiring a PC Compatibility Tester. Does something lie in our destiny? | PCGamesN

Bungie are hiring a PC Compatibility Tester. Does something lie in our destiny?


Bungie have quietly put a job advert on their careers website asking for people to come forward for the role of a PC Compatibility Tester. What could this possibly mean? 

“The PC Compatibility Tester will evaluate PC hardware-specific features and ensure various systems work together across multiple PC configurations to provide a great experience. This is a challenging area to test, so we are only looking for the most resilient and technically minded testers. If you love solving new problems on a continuous basis with an eye for detail, you will love PC Compatibility Test at Bungie,” reads the advert. 

A deep knowledge of PC gaming hardware is required, as well as being experienced and comfortable with building PCs from scratch. 

So what use could Bungie, a studio who makes console games, need a PC Compatibility Tester for? Let the guessing games begin. Of course, it could be that they’re working on a new game that’s for PC. However, as big as a studio Bungie are, they have a monumental, multi-year project already in the works: Destiny. Released last year on Playstations and Xboxes, it’s a huge shared-world MMO-kinda shooter than will span multiple games and expansions. They seem pretty committed to it. 

So could they be working on a PC version of Destiny? Time will tell. 

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Shriven avatarBen Barrett avatarZptr avatarChris Evans avatarQDP2 avatar
Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Id pay for this. At launch even.

Ben Barrett Avatar
Richie Shoemaker Avatar
2 Years ago

Probably just looking for an IT guy.

Chris Evans Avatar
2 Years ago

Awesome if it does lead to Destiny! I've played it on PS4, but not much recently...though the upcoming changes with The Taken King look interesting..

QDP2 Avatar
2 Years ago


Inside this passage from GameInformer on 'The Taken King's New Approach To Storytelling'. there's a video. 29 seconds in it shows a Guardian running with a sword, but the movement of the camera seems dragged, as if controlled by a mouse rather than an analog stick.

This may just be a dev-control option (for development), or even just an extreme case of wanting destiny to come to PC. Either way the camera's movements does drag-pause-drag the same way a mouse does.

I'm allowed to get hyped over this idea, aren't I?