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Destiny 2 could be coming to PC


According to industry rumours, Destiny 2 is destined for PC. Whatever, though, all I care about is that they call it Destiny 2: Destiny’s Child. 

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As Kotaku report, various sources have informed them that there’s a Destiny sequel coming next year, and it’s heading to PC as well as consoles. The same sources also say that Bungie will make players leave their characters behind, with the sequel aiming to feel distinct from the first game’s expansions.

The PC rumour actually comes via NeoGAF, but the poster also claimed that they were told theActivision-owned studio Vicarious Visions were also helping out with the game – something Kotaku had heard independently. They also heard from an insider earlier in the year that the game would release on PC.

According to the report, Bungie want Destiny 2 to feel like Diablo 2 in terms of what that offered over the original game. It’s a complete overhaul, with almost everything being looked at again. ‘Play-in destinations’ will apparently be at the fore of this, with planets populated with towns and outposts, rather than just being empty – though beautiful – enemy-filled arenas.

Back in April the sequel’s story was reportedly rebooted, coinciding with some high profile staff departures.

Kotaku have the full report.