Redditor discovers a pun Bungie hid in Destiny three years ago


When Destiny launched almost three years ago, one of the many criticisms it drew was that it took itself too seriously. Its story was not only badly-told, but po-faced and joyless. As it turns out, though, it did have jokes. They were just very well-hidden.

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In Destiny’s lore – which I keep saying is rich and interesting but no-one in the office believes me – Wei Ning was a Guardian in a massive army tasked with recapturing the Moon from an enemy named Crota. Crota was a powerful Prince of the Hive, one of Destiny’s nastiest alien races, who worship the mysterious evil force known as The Darkness.

As BadgerDeluxe points out on Reddit, when the Moon is full and begins to darken, it’s then said to be waning.

Waning. Wei Ning.

Coincidence? Or very subtle pun? Perhaps more thought has gone into Destiny’s backstory than anyone realised.

Crota eventually killed Wei Ning, which is a shame, because her quotations have been immortalised in the flavour text of certain armour pieces and she sounds badass. A few examples:

  • “So I ask Wei Ning: what about the Darkness itself? What then? And she says: ‘I’ll punch it too.'”
  • “Tactics? Psh. Just use your head. Literally ram your head into them.”
  • “Evade the Cabal counterattack? My friend, they’re finally sending us something worth killing.”
  • “Yes, we’ve achieved the objective. And the next. And the… were we supposed to stop attacking?”