The main character from Deus Ex was actually called Jesus Christ Denton

Deus Ex JC Denton

Denton! Dentoooon! Jesus Christ! Dentoooon! Remember old J.C. Denton from Deus Ex? Ever wondered what the initials stood for? It’s actually Jesus Christ. You’re welcome. 

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Deus Ex creator Warren Spector was asked at a GDC panel this year what the initials stood for and he admitted it was that dude from the bible and stuff.

“One of my best friends is a wonderful writer named Bradley Denton, who you should all go read” said Spector. “And if you want to know about me and my friends, he wrote a book called Lunatics that you should go read, and you can try to guess who I am. Anyway, he is one of the nicest humans on the planet.

“If you ever need help with anything, he’s always there for you. He’s so helpful it gets annoying sometimes, so back then I would often find myself saying ‘Jesus Christ, Denton. Jesus Christ, Denton, don’t be so helpful’. So when it came time to name the character it was JC Denton.”

So now you know. The name is even hinted at during the game in a couple of scenes, in which NPCs react to your actions with a “Jesus Christ, Denton.”

Thanks, PCGamer.