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Deus Ex modded to within an inch of its life in GMDX

Deus Ex

It wasn’t just the disapproving comments of Paul Denton that encouraged Deus Ex players to go pacifist: it was always a stonking stealth game, but a shocking shooter. 

Eidos Montreal fixed that with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but Ion Storm’s original was left to suck up its AWOL reticule and uninspiring rifle roar. Though we never asked for it, we’re terribly pleased that modder CyberP has augmented Deus Ex’s gunplay and plenty else besides.

The final release of GMDX (Give Me Deus Ex, ofc) will incorporate all sorts of ballistic improvements, including smoke and spark effects and surface-dependent ricochet. Recoil in particular has enjoyed a complete redesign - new camera effects will convey a “suitable kick” for each weapon, and reportedly play a significant role in any non-stealth playthrough.

Other improvements in GMDX only accentuate the game’s “uncompromising” design - this is, after all, the mod CyberP considers his “love letter to the Looking Glass Legacy”.

“What if Ion Storm continued to work on Deus Ex rather than releasing it when they did?,” writes the modder. “The goal is to expand upon and refine the game whilst adhering to the original design principles of Ion Storm.”

CyberP has taken it upon himself to ease the many quirks of the game’s AI - which, unbelievably, wasn’t fussed by the discovery of an unconscious fellow NPC. He’s also steepened the late-game difficulty curve and gone deeper on the simulation, ensuring that the set dressing behaves as it should under fire.

Gosh, there’s a lot here. Check the GMDX site for a full feature rundown, or head straight on to the ModDB download page. I never asked for this. Did you ask for this?

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ruthers avatar
ruthers Avatar
3 Years ago

I may be lambasted here but I'm not ashamed to admit that when I first played a demo of deus ex when I was quite young I really didn't get on with it and never went back to it properly. Always felt a bit bad seeing it described as one of the best games so often. Seeing it described here as a stonking stealth game but a shocking shooter makes me feel better as I didn't get in to stealth gaming untill a bit later.

Seeing as I'm just coming to the end of human revolution after reading the recent article on here it might be time to revisit the original with this mod...