Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut trailered and dated


We’ve been bamboozled by Eidos Montreal’s newly nanoaugmented Deus Ex: Human Revolution MKII. The Director’s Cut edition last week reprogrammed studio head David Anfossi to blind-fire enticing details about his long-term Deus Ex: Universe initiative in our direction while its slipped through a grate and made its escape, pausing only to baton the life out of an errant greasel.

Now it’s foolishly broadcasting its propaganda, however, and we’re finally wise to its release date.

You’ll have to ignore the pad-based jiggery-pokery – the Director’s Cut sees Jensen’s debut on Wii U, but will also come to PC and Mac on October 22 (October 25 in PAL regions).

And bewarned – the trailer gets gradually more spoilery as it goes on:

Anfossi said last week that he believed second-screen stuff would “become a big part of the future of the franchise” – which seems a shame, because we’ve no way to access it as this juncture.

The Director’s Cut is chock-a with other worthy additions, though – namely a serious rejig of those unbending boss battles, an extra lick of graphical polish,bettered AI,over eight hours of developer chat, and the Missing Link DLC that first saw Eidos Montreal take their boss design in-house.

October 22 is a good four months before Eidos Montreal’s Thief release date – ample time to remember why they’re a developer worth caring about, don’t you think?

Thanks, VG247.