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Deus Ex Mankind Divided coming early 2016, Square Enix release new trailer at E3

Deus Ex logo

Deus Ex: Manking Divided is closing rapidly on our position, as Eidos Montreal revealed that the game will be released in early 2016.

They also went into a little more detail on the plot, which sounds a bit Byzantine as it attempts to bridge the continuities of Deus Ex and Human Revolution. The new E3 trailer shows Jensen participating in that grandest of Deus Ex traditions: having your worldview questioned by a terrorist.

Adam Jensen is apparently working for a special police / intelligence unit that’s cracking down on augmented terrorists. Augmented people like Jensen have apparently become pariahs confined to ghettos and subject to ever more brutal treatment.

But Jensen isn’t just working for the authorities, but trying to sniff out an Illuminati conspiracy that he’s started to suspect is controlling things from the shadows. Eidos promise that there’s going to be a heavy emphasis on choice and consequence in Mankind Divided, with major changes to the game depending on what you do. Hopefully they live up to that promise.

The trailer gives you an introduction to the state of the world in Mankind Divided, and a chance to hear Jensen get lectured on who are the REAL terrorists.

It looks fine, but something about this trailer leaves me cold. I find it kind of visually exhausting. I miss the black and gold motif of the first game. This one just seems washed in orange, and it doesn’t look quite as stylish nor as “readable.” I have watched this trailer three times and I couldn’t really describe anything I just saw. It doesn’t make a real strong impression on me. Anyone else getting that vibe?