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DirectX 12 showcase reel-style trailer highlights its advantages over DirectX 11

DirectX 12

Deep down, we all know we got into this PC gaming thing because games just look nicer on a hefty rig. We certainly didn’t jump in for the platform’s user-friendliness. That’s why you’ll watch Microsoft’s highlight reel showing the graphical benefits of DirectX 12, because we all secretly just want our games to look as shiny as possible.

It looks like we might have to update this list of the best looking games on PC quite regularly.

The enticing thing about DirectX 12 from a gamer’s perspective is that it almost feels like a free upgrade, promising to get up to 20% more out your existing graphics card and boasting up to a 50% improvement in overall CPU usage. Oh, and “reduced latency, smoother framerate and better performance.” How can you turn your nose up at that?

More games are beginning to use the API, and so Microsoft have put together a reel of some upcoming and recent games, showing how the upgrade benefits them with a swanky slider. It’s a massive difference and it does make you wonder if it’s a teeny bit exaggerated in the trailer, with colours popping as soon as the filter is applied.

Have a watch and see for yourself. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided just looks lovely, mind.

What do you lot reckon: a massive step up, or smoke and mirrors? Let us know in the comments.