Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer introduces Adam Jensen 2.0


Adam Jensen – or Adam Jensen 2.0 as he’s now better known – is back having undergone some prosthetic surgery since we last saw him. Taking to the futuristic streets of Dubai and Prague, the new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer showcases his new look, how he uses his body to off his enemies, and one really dodgy Australian accent.  

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While the trailer depicts Jensen’s new arsenal of weaponry and body ballista in action, we learn that he’s now an experienced covert operative, equipped to engage in lethal, non-lethal and stealth tactics. Although to be honest he already seemed pretty good at all of the above…

“It takes a weapon who chooses to believe a better future is possible” says Jensen, before taking a long and dramatic pause, in keeping with the rest of the trailer. He adds: “If I can survive long enough to see it.”

Luckily for us, all we need to do is last until February 23 when Deus Ex Mankind is due for release.

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