Nvidia 372.54 drivers bugged for 10-series GPUs


Some users are reporting major rendering issues with the latest Nividia drivers, so you may want to hold off on that RMA if you see any bizarre graphics glitches with your new GPU post update. 

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The issues seem to match texture and shader rendering artifacts that people experience with corrupted VRAM and other hardware faulted rendering issues, so this is leading some to believe their hardware is failing.

If you’re experiencing similar, I suggest you try roll back your drivers before doing anything drastic.

Most commonly experienced are pixel flicker on video players like YouTube, as well as rendering artifacts and distorted textures in games. I’ve seen these reported in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and EDF4.1.

Reports are currently only coming in from people who own the Nvidia 10-series of graphics cards, so if you’re rocking something slightly older, you may be fine, and, as with anything like this, you may just get lucky and be fine anyway.

This is more of a PSA for anyone who might be worried their hardware is faulty.

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