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The Deus Ex randomizer just got a huge update, now you can pet the dog

The Deus Ex randomizer mod has just been updated, letting you jump back into one of the best immersive sims ever made like it's brand new.

Deus Ex randomizer mod: a close up of JC Denton, a man with blue sunglasses, a trench coat, and slicked back black hair

Even after 24 years, the original Deus Ex is one of the most reactive and thought-out immersive sims ever made. Everything about the world, JC Denton’s upgrades, and all the tools at your disposal offer up what feels like endless possibilities. All these years later though, you’ll know it like the back of your hand, so a new update to the Deus Ex randomizer is sure to make every level, challenge, and decision completely fresh.

The Deus Ex randomizer “takes everything and shuffles it all around to make it like a new game every time but with the same great story,” its developer says. Starting locations, NPCs, turrets, cameras, security computers, equipment, enemies, passwords, and so much more are randomized across each of the levels.

There’s also the ‘WaltonWare’ bingo mode, where you need to complete a randomized bingo line of tasks in just a few maps. The difficulty gets harder after each win, but it’s the perfect way to push the iconic immersive sim to its limits. With Deus Ex already one of the most reactive RPGs playable today, the randomizer is the best way to get even more out of the experience.

The v3.0 patch is the latest in a long line of changes and additions, with the biggest new feature the ability to finally pet the dog – and other animals, too.

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Items can now be marked as trash, which makes you drop those you have and stops them from automatically going into your inventory when you loot a body. Items you mark as trash will only be remembered for that run due to stat changes, but it makes sifting through all those inventories a fair bit easier.

The spy drone augmentation now costs less, but detonating it costs a total of ten energy, and the synthetic heart augmentation no longer uses energy on its own and instead multiplies the cost of boosted augmentations instead.

If you’re new to the Deus Ex randomizer, you can also download the mod and play the original game with its quality-of-life improvements. Alternatively, test your mettle in the ‘Serious Sam’ mode, where each level has ten times the enemies to deal with.

You need a copy of the original Deus Ex to get the mod working, but you can find the download right here.

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