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Devil May Cry 5 is selling its live action cutscenes as DLC

Devil May Cry 5 has live action cutscenes, but you'll have to pay extra to see them

Devil May Cry 5 digital pre-orders have just gone live, revealing the curious detail that the Deluxe Edition will include live action cutscenes. Not interested in all the deluxe goodies? That’s okay, because you’re free to purchase every item included in the special version separately, and DLC with the highest premium happens to be the added movies.

Those live action scenes are $3.99, and according to the store description the option “changes the in-game cutscenes to the live-action movies recorded during development.” So these scenes act as replacements for the existing movies rendered in-game, but we don’t know exactly what form they’ll take. They could be full, movie-style scenes or just built from mocap footage.

Deluxe Edition extras also include some bonus weapons including the Mega Buster, most of which are priced at $2.99 separately. You can also get alternate voices for style rank announcers and title calls at a dollar apiece, or get new battle tracks – just $3 for a three-track pack from the previous DMC game of your choice.

All that DLC totals up to about $25 piecemeal, or you can get it all bundled with the DMC5 Deluxe Edition for just $10 over the regular price. If you’re up for pre-orders, you can make that happen on the Steam page. Strangely, the Steam store seems to be the only place where the DLC is priced separately, at least so far.

The Devil May Cry 5 release date is set for March, bringing us back to the original series timeline for the first time in years. With or without some live action shenanigans, every trailer shows it shaping up fantastically.