Devil May Cry 5 scores – our round-up of the critics

The demonic hack-and-slash releases later this week, so it's time to check out what the critics thought

Devil May Cry 5 releases later this week, which means it’s very nearly time to check out the scores. Dante, Nero and company’s latest adventure releases on Friday, but the review embargo has just dropped, so let’s see what the critics thought of the demonic hack-and-slash series’ new offering.

In our own Devil May Cry 5 review, hardware buff Jacob came away pretty impressed. There are a handful of bumps in the road to deal with, and he says “I found the game’s in-your-face troubled teen attitude abrasive at first.” Despite that, however, he says that “few games are as endearing in their madness as Devil May Cry 5. It’s deeply old-school and made for fans first, but its new character will entertain newcomers and keep them coming back for more.”

That’s relatively glowing praise, and it seems that Jacob’s sentiments have been matched elsewhere. At time of writing, Devil May Cry 5 boasts an average score of 89 on Opencritic, and a low-90s offering on MetaCritic.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at those Devil May Cry 5 review scores:

Devil May Cry 5 has scored pretty highly, then, with a selection of eights, nines, and even a ten. It looks like this well may be the series’ best outing yet, so be sure to pick it up when it releases later this week.