The internet can’t decide if Dante’s penis has jiggle physics

We're having an argument in the PCGN offices, so settle it for us - does Dante's penis have jiggle physics?


An unlikely argument is raging in the PCGamesN office this morning. It’s an argument I never thought I’d experience, let alone have to write about, but here we are. And what is the cause of this debate? It is thus: ‘Does Devil May Cry’s Dante have a physics-enabled phallus in Devil May Cry 5?’

This query stems from a gif posted early this morning on Twitter. In said gif, which you can take a look at below, Dante – arms blazing with some arcane force – leans forward and gestures offscreen to an unseen character. But more importantly, there’s definitely some movement in Dante’s downstairs area.

The fact that something looks like it’s moving isn’t really up for debate here. Just before Dante’s left arm ignites, there’s no doubt that something happens. The question boils down to whether what we’re seeing is the result of dick-focused jiggle physics, or visual distortion from the spell that the character casts over the course of the clip in question. It’s time to examine the evidence.

The case against jiggle physics: Dante is clearly casting a spell, causing a flash of light across the entire screen, which could easily create the impression of movement as it interacts with his clothing. It’s worth pointing out that that clothing also includes tight leather trousers, which wouldn’t allow for much in the way of jiggling, even if Dante is rocking a physics-enabled schlong.

The case for jiggle physics: As far as I can see, the jiggle happens before the spell is actually fully cast. There’s only a few frames in it, but the movement happens as Dante moves forward, not as the flare goes off. Also, no other aspect of his body or outfit is affected by the spell. Finally, Dante is canonically well-endowed – as pointed out further down the thread, the official DMC manga confirms that the character is “assed out” by his desire for “a smaller dick.”

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We couldn’t reach a consensus on the issue in the office, so we’re turning it over to you, the readers. Tell us, please, is this jiggle physics, or an arcane misunderstanding? Either way, we won’t have to wait too long to get a closer look – DMC5 releases on March 8.