Devilian trailer showcases the Evoker, an elementalist fierier than a hot poker


Devilian, taken at its title alone, is the most blatant Diablo devotee on the PC. But its mechanics are actually a good deal more intriguing than in your average action RPG: there’s a devil on your back, a second body you can switch into and level up separately, complementing your more grounded abilities. One of four classes with an attendant demon is the Evoker, and she looks like this.

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The Evoker commands the elements, channelling fire, lightning and ice into magic of the control, assault and burst varieties. She’s joined by the ninja-ish Shadow Hunter, trap-setter Cannoneer and defensive Berserker, and each are multi-faceted classes thanks to the demons.

Your devilian uses completely different gear and unique skills – though you’ll need to devote enough time to your human form to ensure they don’t fall behind. Have you played any of Trion’s RPG in open beta?