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Devolver’s E3 press conference was the commercial thrillride of a lifetime

Devolver Digital E3 2017

Devolver Digital hosted an E3 2017 press conference. Perhaps predictably, it was more like a short film featuring everything from hyper violence to critiques of games media, influencers, developers, publishers, capitalism and, well, everyone else. It was also a hell of a ride. Watch it below.

For a lot of stuff more, well, real – check our E3 2017 tag.

In case the technical wizardy below doesn’t work, it’s around ten hours and five minutes into the below archive. Warning: it isn’t even approaching safe for work, probably not for life either. There’s blood. Lots of blood.

Did you have fun? The professional journalists joke was our favourite. This is all part of Twitch’s pre-pre-show event, an extremely light-hearted and meme-filled show that will run through the night until all this starts up again tomorrow morning (or this afternoon, depending on your timezone). You can watch it on the Twitch Twitch channel. Ha, twitch twitch – good.