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Devolver Digital and No Code tease new game, featuring shiny red ball

Devolver Digital tease

The scamps at Devolver Digital are apparently teasing a new game with indie devs No Code. Whatever it is, it involves a big, red ball.

Devolver have published some great indie titles over the years, some of which made our list of the best indie games on PC.

Devolver Digital tease

The heart of the mystery is a gif of a glowing red orb, hovering above a dirt road in a forest of tall, bare trees. This gif has been tweeted by a bunch of game-related accounts, including GOG, Humble Bundle, streaming service XSplit, wiki folks Gamepedia, and PC makers Origin PC (no relation to EA’s store).

The only thing they have in common is that they’re all liked and retweeted by Devolver, whotweeted the glowing orbin the first place.

Shortly thereafter, though, No Codegot in on the act, and they stick out from the others in that they are a developer. Their website now also hosts the big red orb and some text in morse code, which translates to “it’s time to remember”.

Jon McKellan, the founder of No Code, tweeted in December that “the next game I’m releasing is /mental/.” One note of caution, though: his profile at Bafta’s website (oh yeah, he won a Bafta) says his next project is “a narrative console game”. We hope he’s changed his mind since then.

Devolver are a Texas-based game publisher and film distributor, whose biggest hits include Hotline: Miami and Serious Sam. The most recent news we’ve heard from them are the announcement of nostalgic shooter Strafe’s release date (March 28), a new documentary on indie development, and their admirable offer to showcase the games of developers affected by the US travel ban at GDC this year.

It’s fairly clear this is a tease of a new game developed by No Code and published by Devolver, but they’re keeping any more details under wraps. We reached out to Devolver for comment, and their helpful, laconic reply was simply: “Secrets”.

Cheers, Devolver.