Get Serious Sam, Shadow Warrior, and more for cheap in Devolver Digital sale

devolver digital steam sale

Do you hear that? Coming over the hill, screaming like beheaded zombies with bombs for hands, it’s the entire Devolver Digital catalog – and they’re all threatening you with explosive savings.

Devolver are hosting a Steam sale this weekend, with discounts across their entire library. That includes bigger titles in the Serious Sam and Shadow Warrior series, as well as The Talos Principle, and a wide selection of smaller titles ranging from Hotline Miami to Absolver and Ruiner.

Older titles are getting discounts as big as 80% and 90%, but even very recent releases like Minit and The Swords of Ditto are seeing some savings. You can check out the full list of discounted games on Steam.

You might also want to check out Devolver’s latest project in partnership with Mega Cat Studios, a brand-new SNES game – on a real cartridge – called Fork Parker’s Crunch Out. The game details the problems inherent to crunch in game development, and all profits from the project will go to mental health charity Take This. Devolver have had some strong words about developer crunch lately, with co-founder Mike Wilson calling the practice “shameful.”

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