Devolver will host the games of developers affected by the US travel ban during GDC 2017

Devolver Digital

I love Devolver. Somehow, this indie publishing label gives off more personality than many creators do. It’s just nice to see a company in videogames that’s not seemingly operated by robots. The latest news from the publishers is also something nice: they’ll be helping out develops affected by the US travel ban during GDC. 

Some of our best indie games are published by Devolver, and they’re developed by teams all over the world. 

“Devolver Digital will set up gaming PCs and HTC Vive sets (if necessary) to demo games from developers affected by the ban in the nearby offsite location used by Devolver Digital during the conference,” say Devolver in the announcement.

“The location, formally named ‘Galvanize’ but now dubbed the ‘Devolver Underground’ during GDC, is located in the basement level of 44 Tehama St., San Francisco, CA 94105.”

Devolver will be showing off these developers’ games and they’re not asking for anything in return. The event runs for multiple days, too. Devolver Underground’s doors will be open to press and attendees during the conference Monday, February 27 through Wednesday, March 1.

If you’ve been affected by President Trump’s executive order and you wanted to show off your game at GDC, email ‘[email protected]‘ and include the following information:

  • Studio Name / Developer Name
  • Short description of the game
  • Country of origin
  • Link to video of the game if available

“One of my favourite things about games is that they are truly global in nature, transcending borders and cultural differences more seamlessly than other art forms, and working with different people from all over the world with wildly varying backgrounds has been a huge part of Devolver’s success and of our personal enjoyment of what we do,” said Mike Wilson, co-founder of Devolver Digital.

“We are happy to have the opportunity to help create a bridge in some small way for some of the talented developers who will unfortunately be unable to attend this year’s GDC.”

Spaces are limited and preference will be given to those whose travel plans have been scuppered by the travel ban.