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Diablo 2 HD countdown site appears…and is immediately dismissed by Blizzard

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Imagine being the kind of person who gets off on tricking folk into thinking their favourite game is being reimagined for the high definition generation. What must that feel like? How exactly is that fun? How do these people sleep at night? All these questions are top of mind right now, given a fake Diablo 2 HD website has just been exposed by Blizzard.

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The internet was all of a quiver when Diablo fans happened upon Diablo2HD.com, with threads popping up on Reddit celebrating the potential development of an HD version of the now 16 year old Diablo 2.

“Evil has survived,” crows the site, admittedly on a rather plain background. More convincingly, however, the clock that accompanies the page (which sits below the face of the Lord of Terror) appears to be counting down to the start of this year’s BlizzCon at the Anaheim Convention Center in California this November. Things are looking good, right?

Wrong. According to a statement given to the lovely boys and girls over at PC Gamer, the site has nothing whatsoever to do with Blizzard. The full statement? A short and sharp “this isn’t ours”. Shame. In truth, however, Reddit users were somewhat ahead of the game, quickly suggesting it didn’t exactly look official.

Nevertheless, fans will no doubt be all the more disappointed given Blizzard has previously hinted it might be working on a new Diablo game of some kind. Oh well. It was good while it lasted, wasn’t it?