Diablo 3 devs considering five potential changes to Magic Find gear swapping


Over on the official Diablo 3 blog, Blizzard have posted about their efforts to arrive at a solution to the odd ritual of swapping out your regular gear for Magic Find focused gear right before you defeat a boss – like a murderer who changes into a magic bridal gown before delivering the final blow. The one solution players truly wanted – a single button that would insta-swap your entire armour set for another – isn’t on the table however. Instead, Blizzard are considering five ways that they might just remove the incentive to swap gear completely.

The solutions are varied and reasonable enough, ranging from setting a hard cap on the Magic Find stat, to introducing different sorts of timers that disallow a rapid increase in the Magic Find stat, as well as one that would see Nephalem Valour stacks reduced every time gear is equipped. If you know what any of that means:Blizzard want you to tell them which you most prefer.
Many have naturally taken that as an invitation to suggest their own ideas as to how the problem should be fixed, ranging from the unhelpful “let’s stop playing Diablo 3” to the hardline solution of locking your gear to your character the moment you step foot outside of a city. Of the options actually on the tablehowever, it seems Blizzard’s fourthoption (ie. after swapping gear, your Magic Find is disabled for three minutes) is the most popular.
And here I thought we might get a hotkey to swap out gear profiles. Forever the optimist.
You can still give Blizzard your feedback on the Diablo 3 forum now, if you like, and if you believe that you, a single human, can have any truly significantinfluence in a democracy.

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