Diablo 3 hotfixes boosts almost all Inferno level drop rates


Brave wanderers of the Inferno difficulty level (that noise is Hardcore players saying: “pah!”) of Diablo III have been sniffing at the drop rates in Inferno mode. Blizzard understand: if you’re prepared to take on the hardest monsters at the highest level, you deserve some tastier retreats.

The post that details the changes also brings with it news that bosses are now guaranteed to drop at least one rare item for players with four stacks of Nephalem Valor, and two rare items if you have five. But you’re more excited about the percentage number of the general loot, aren’t you? I thought so. Here, have them on me.

The approximate drop rates are:

Hell – Act III and Act IV

Lvl 61: 13.9%, up from 9%
Lvl 62: 3.45%, up from 1.9%
Lvl 63: 0% (no change)

Inferno – Act I

Lvl 61: 23.9%, up from 17.7%
Lvl 62: 12.6%, up from 7.9%
Lvl 63: 4.8%, up from 2.0%

Inferno – Act II

Lvl 61: 23.3%, up from 18.6%
Lvl 62: 18.6%, up from 12.4%
Lvl 63: 9.3%, up from 4.1%

Inferno – Act III and Act IV

Lvl 61: 27.1%, up from 24.1%
Lvl 62: 21.7%, up from 16.1%
Lvl 63: 16.3%, up from 8.0%

Now run along you high-level scamps.