Diablo 3’s 2.3 patch adds a new area, simplifies crafting


Don’t you just love it when a meaty patch makes your character absolutely useless or nerfs your favourite weapon? No, I don’t either. It’s difficult to complain about balancing though, when you are also given a ton of free content along with the slap in the face. 

Diablo 3’s 2.3 patch’s main feature adds a whole new area called the Ruins of Sescheron. Inside the ruins you will find Kanai’s Cube – a throwback to Diablo 2’s Horadric Cube for all you cube historians out there – which allows you to further enhance your character. To start the quest you must speak to Zoltun Kulle who will send you on a quest for the cube after Act 3. The cube allows you to extract Legendary Powers and reforge Legendaries.

Crafting has been simplified, with low level crafting materials removed, leaving a single tier to collect. The cost of crafting has also been significantly reduced and the blacksmith’s recipes have been condensed. The jeweler has undergone similar streamlining.

Changes have also been made to Bounties. These tweaks are focused on keeping you in the game and away from the menus. Rewards for completing Bounties will now be much more significant, too. Check out the full patch notes HERE.

Or if you’re scared of words check out the video below.

The patch will go live today in the US and will roll out internationally within a week.