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Diablo 4 beta drop rates aren’t what we’ll see at launch

Following the first Diablo 4 beta, Blizzard has confirmed that the drop rate for rare gear is higher in this weekend than it will be when the RPG game launches.

Diablo 4 beta drop rates won't be like this at launch: A woman with brown hair in a ponytail with a bow strung on her back with red leather armour looks into a camera with a gallows in the background

If you’ve been swamped in legendaries during the Diablo 4 beta, don’t worry, Blizzard has confirmed that the loot you’re receiving during the Diablo 4 testing phase will not be as readily available when the action RPG game launches in June.

When asked “can you guys please confirm if drop rates are increased for the beta?” on Twitter, Diablo executive producer Rod Fergusson has confirmed that rare item drops are higher in the testing phases than they will be post-launch.

“They are tuned higher, yes,” he writes, explaining that this is “to give a fuller experience and better test during beta.” Phew.

At the moment, legendary items seem to be everywhere. While getting good gear is, of course, awesome, when it’s so readily available it seems to take the ‘legendary’ out of, well, legendary items. For example, I managed to accrue around five legendaries during my brief beta spell this weekend, which I’d argue is a few too many.

Diablo 4 beta drop rates won't be like this at launch: A Twitter comment thread asking Rod Fergusson about Diablo 4 beta drop rates

It looks like others have been in the same position. A dedicated Reddit thread features responses like “this is good to hear, it felt a little silly having half of your inventory be legendary by the time you hit 25,” and “on average I got a legendary every three to four gambles.”

Another comment refers to the beta as being “like the drug dealer giving you your first hit for free,” which certainly made me giggle. I’m really thankful for Fergusson’s clarification, and honestly think things will look a lot better when the game releases.

Speaking of, do you know when the Diablo 4 release date is? If not, get it in your diary ASAP. If you’re planning on trying out the beta this weekend to get a taste for all things dark and dreary, we have a list of all of the Diablo 4 classes that will be available to test, as well as a breakdown of what to expect from the Diablo 4 Necromancer and Druid, courtesy of Fergusson and game director Joe Shely.