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Diablo 4’s open beta may be announced next week, here’s how to tune in

The Diablo 4 beta release date may be shared soon as Blizzard teases more details for the RPG game at an event with Star Wars Jedi Survivor and Hogwarts Legacy.

Diablo 4 beta release date: a horned, feminine demon, Lilith, stares at you with contempt

The Diablo 4 beta release date may be revealed soon, as Blizzard boss Rod Fergusson, formerly of Bioshock and Gears of War fame, teases the possibility of more details on the RPG game coming at an event held later in February which will also feature Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy and the upcoming Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Hopefully, we’ll get ample chance to play Blizzard’s latest ahead of the full Diablo 4 release date.

Diablo 4 is already confirmed as part of IGN Fan Fest, a livestream event on February 17 and 18. Hogwarts Legacy, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and the upcoming vampire game Redfall will also be on show. Based on comments from one Diablo 4 developer, it seems likely that an announcement for the open beta date will be coming during the event. If you want to know how to watch IGN Fan Fest, it’s on Twitch and YouTube. IGN Fan Fest start times are 10 am PST/1  pm EST/6 pm GMT/7 pm CET each day.

Writing on Twitter, one Diablo fan asks Rod Fergusson – who serves as overall director for the entire RPG series – whether they can reveal anything about the Diablo 4 beta date. Fergusson offers a cryptic but very telling reply. “Soon,” they write. “If only we were presenting at some sort of gaming moment this month where one might announce such a thing.”

Given that Fan Fest is happening later in February, this feels like a hefty hint that Blizzard will use the event to confirm the Diablo 4 beta release date. We’ve already got stacks of information on Diablo 4 classes, and based on our own Diablo 4 preview, we’d say the prospect of an open beta is something to get very much excited about. This is a darker, tougher, and more mature Diablo game, that makes significant tweaks to combat without disrupting the classic experience. A lengthy beta will allow Blizzard to collect even more feedback, and perfect Diablo 4 further before launch.

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