“Something chunky indeed” will be revealed about Diablo 4 at BlizzCon

"Let’s just say it involves a new version of the campfire scene we showed you last BlizzCon"

Diablo 4 studio Blizzard has posted a brand-new (and hefty) quarterly update giving an idea of where it’s at with the upcoming action-RPG game’s development. The last of 2020, the post offers a pretty thorough rundown of a “major revision” the dev team’s been working away at, which taps into “the lifeblood of Diablo” – items. But, it also teases a big… something will be unveiled at next year’s BlizzCon.

“Our next update will take place during BlizzConline, rather than in blog form,” the studio announces in the update post, also teasing: “We’ve read speculation about what it could be and want to ensure you that it is something chunky indeed. Without spoiling the surprise, let’s just say it involves a new version of the campfire scene we showed you last BlizzCon.” Hmm.

If you remember that gameplay reveal trailer from last year’s BlizzCon (you can check out the clip below), it seems this “campfire scene” was the upcoming PC game’s class selection offerings. So, while it’s not fully confirmed, it does seem the studio could be teasing an expansion or update on the classes revealed previously – perhaps even a new class unveiling altogether.

With BlizzCon set to be the forum of the next game update, looks like we’ll need to wait until early next year to be sure. The online version of Blizzard’s show – which will be free to tune into, by the way – is set to kick off on February 19 and 20, 2021, so we’re just a couple months away from our next Diablo 4 info drop.

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In the meantime, there’s plenty to read up on the hack-and-slash game’s latest quarterly update. Along with a good look at how new Legendary affixes will work in Diablo IV (they “work just like regular affixes, in that they can roll randomly on different items and in different slots. Many can be used by any class, while some are specific to a particular class”), Blizzard runs readers through item qualities, weapon types, primary stats, and unique items – the latter of which is “making a comeback in a big way in Diablo IV”.

You can read the latest dev post on Blizzard’s site here if you’re keen to know more. You can check out what’s in store in the way of Diablo 4 Mythic items and Diablo 4 loot ahead of the Diablo 4 release date at those links, too.