Inside the Diablo 4 chocolate shop, a haven of grim delights

PCGamesN took a trip to London to visit the Lilith and Co Diablo 4 chocolate shop, a limited-time event featuring all manner of grim and grisly creations.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - a skull modeled out of chocolate.

Nestled away in a Soho side alley is a Diablo 4 chocolate shop with a glamorous, luxury front that belies the gristly delights within. Set up to promote the Diablo 4 release date, the Lilith and Co establishment is a limited-time event that features all manner of fittingly gruesome displays from the world of Diablo 4, and it’s an experience that die-hard fans of the RPG game will delight in. Of course, we here at PCGamesN couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to check it out for ourselves.

As news editor Lauren and I approach the venue, it immediately leaps out at us – gold and crimson detailing promising the finest “Goremet Chocolate” from the window. It’s a classy presentation that draws eyes from passers-by, though it’s perhaps the visible corpse of a loot goblin inside, crimson intestines spilling out, that elicits the most intrigued, hushed whispers from onlookers.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - Lilith & Co, a storefront promising 'Goremet Chocolate' in gold and red lettering"

Heading inside, I’m hit by a smell I can’t quite place. Part smokey ambience, part delicious chocolate, and part a slightly unsettling aroma that I’m not sure I want to identify. Immediately the aforementioned loot goblin is the first thing that catches the eye. Laid out on a table in the center of the room, its eviscerated corpse is almost unsettlingly detailed. The teeth in particular stand out, with a natural staining to them and a glisten that feels disturbingly lifelike.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - a chocolate model of a treasure goblin laid out on a table, rings on its fingers and toes and intestines spilling from its stomach.

At this point, just in case it wasn’t clear, it’s probably worth pointing out that everything here is made of chocolate. I almost wouldn’t believe it, were it not for the bust of a Khazra by the entrance that’s been left in an “unfinished” state to show the process. Despite this, the natural chocolate coloring is quite suited to the giant goatman, so he still looks impressive, and we’re immediately taken by just how big he is.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - a chocolate model of a beefy, horned Khazra goatman, left unfinished to show the modeling process.

“Imagine him shoulder-checking you,” Lauren exclaims, “you’d just go flying into the nearest wall.” He’s impressively chunky, and I certainly wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley – or a well-lit one, for that matter. It affords me a newfound respect for the Diablo 4 classes that contend with whole packs of the creatures on the regular, then.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - chocolate 'raven skulls' on a shelf above similarly chocolate 'horns' and 'hearts' below.

Heading further in, a helpful (and remarkably well-dressed) attendant shows us a case filled with goblin skulls and femur bones. I won’t keep harping on about it, but the visual effect is remarkable. Our guide opens the cabinet and takes a skull out, inviting us to inspect the detailing and even give it a sniff – yeah, for all the parts of my brain telling me I’m looking at bone, that’s unmistakably chocolate.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - a display cabinet with a demonic red skull and several 'Lilith & Co' chocolate bars.

Two things in here definitely aren’t chocolate, but both Lauren and I are very much drawn to them regardless – two hulking “wolves” that we’re introduced to and allowed to pet. As well as being great for the best Druid builds, they’re absolute sweethearts, and remarkably calm about the whole proceedings.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - PCGamesN staff Lauren and Ken stand with two real-life 'wolves' in the promotional store.

There is perhaps something a little ironic about having dogs in a store filled with objects that look like bones – a yummy, nutritious snack – but are in fact made out of chocolate, which is of course notoriously toxic to them. Don’t worry, though; the pair have their own handler who is making sure their every need is met, and has an ample supply of dog-safe treats at hand to keep them content.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - a confession booth, with a price list on the wall for the shop next to it.

We’re invited to step into what appears to be a confession booth, but actually leads into a full church building where robed monks beckon us to sit down and join them in prayer. This part of the experience is kept somewhat of an unknown, so I won’t say too much about exactly what happens – it’s perhaps not for the faintest of heart, but of course there’s no actual peril, so I’d encourage visitors to check it out.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - a hooded monk stands before a stained-glass window.

Downstairs, there’s a dark room filled with candles and ornaments, along with several setups allowing you to play the game. While those with Diablo 4 early access have already been able to spend time with the game, the full release is still some days off, so this presents a final chance to get some hands-on time if any visitors happen to be curious. There’s even a streaming room with a rather impressive curved gaming monitor, where you can go live bathed in the red glow of Hell itself.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - gaming setups in a darkened room next to a shelving display of candles, bottles, and jars.

Before leaving, we stop off at the shop – visitors have the chance to actually buy some of the smaller pieces for themselves, including skulls, femur bones, demon blood and fat, and regular-shaped chocolate bars for the squeamish. The larger pieces are set to be auctioned off with proceeds going to SpecialEffect, a charity that supports people with physical disabilities by helping them continue to enjoy videogames.

Because we’re there prior to the official opening, we’re only able to put in a pre-order, although the idea of Lauren attempting to fly through customs with a bag full of chocolate human skulls did make me chuckle. If you’re curious about what they’re actually like, stay tuned to PCGamesN – we might have a little something for you there in the coming weeks.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop - PCGamesN staff Ken and Lauren stand outside the Lilith & Co store.

Diablo 4 chocolate shop opening times

If you’re eager to see Lilith and Co for yourself, the Diablo 4 chocolate shop is open June 3-4. Head to 15 Bateman Street, Soho, London – you can’t miss it. The exact opening times are as follows:

  • Saturday, June 3 2023 – 11am to 7pm
  • Sunday, June 4 2023 – 12pm to 5pm

You can also read Lauren’s full Diablo 4 review for our definitive verdict.

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