New Diablo cookbook lets you make IRL health potions

There's a new Diablo cookbook in the works inspired by Blizzard's other culinary how-tos, but this one teaches you how to make the RPG game's potions and more.

New Diablo cookbook lets you make IRL health potions: A huge red demon with sharp claws and horns roars into the camera framed by an old church wearing a cartoon chef's hat

Have you ever wondered what a health potion tastes like in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Maybe a mana one? Well, Blizzard’s new Diablo cookbook, inspired by the demonic RPG game, promises all that and more.

If you’re willing to sell your soul to get a taste of Sanctuary’s saliva-inducing cuisine (or drop $34.99 – it’s not available on the UK store at the time of writing) then you’re in luck; Blizzard has finally unveiled its Diablo cookbook.

This isn’t the company’s first foray into the world of fine dining, as Overwatch and World of Warcraft cookbooks have existed for some time – the former of which sits on a shelf in my kitchen.

“Take a culinary journey through the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary with Diablo: The Official Cookbook, a flavourful compilation of recipes inspired by Blizzard Entertainment’s iconic series,” reads the blurb.

“Journey through Sanctuary and prepare to feast on over 60 unique culinary delights inspired by Diablo in this one-of-a-kind cookbook experience,” it continues. “From the humble town of Tristram to the towering Mount Arreat, you will learn how to survive the horrors of this dark, nightmarish fantasy world by enjoying delicious dishes and drinks from the Burning Hells to the High Heavens.”

A Japanese Burger King promotion showing Lilith from Diablo 4 next to a large burger

The Diablo cookbook is 192 pages long, and has a release date set for October 24, 2023, according to retailer Simon and Schuster. At the moment, only US listings are available, and there’s no cover art on show. It’s all very mysterious, but also tantalising.

As someone who has used the Overwatch cookbook to bash out things like Reinhardt’s Currywurst (I’m a sucker for the stuff), I am so excited to see how Blizzard approaches the macabre world of Sanctuary. I expect a focus on meat, some blood, guts, and gore, as well as some very traditional, hearty foods. As I sit and sip away on the Diablo Immortal Health Potion collab that dropped last year, I’ll admit I’m far too excited over something somewhat silly, but am I ashamed? Absolutely not.

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