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Diablo 4 gets Nvidia DLSS 3 support for better demon-slaying fps

Nvidia adds DLSS 3 support for high Diablo 4 frame rates when exploring Sanctuary, but you’ll need an RTX 4000 GPU to use the full suite of technologies.

Green-tinted picture of Lilith looking toward the camera.

Welcome to your first day in hell! Diablo 4 servers are now live to everyone, not just those with early access. To celebrate this devilishly auspicious occasion, Nvidia has just added the Diablo 4 to its list of games enjoying full DLSS 3 support. That means anyone with an RTX 4000 GPU can enjoy both Super Resolution and Frame Generation.

Do you want some extra frames with that blood-stained Butcher’s Cleaver? Well, you’re in luck, ‘cos that’s just what Nvidia DLSS 3 does. For the uninitiated, Frame Generation inserts AI generated frames between the ones your GPU conventionally renders, giving you a nice performance boost.

Coupled with Super Resolution upscaling and latency-reducing Reflex features, it makes for a superfast and buttery smooth experience. So, if your adventures in Sanctuary thus far have been a little choppy in the frame department, why not give DLSS 3 a go? You can enable it in the game’s settings menu.

Not jumped on Diablo 4’s demon-slaying train just yet? It’s not the only game to bask in the glory of the fps-boosting technology. Nvidia published the full list of games enjoying DLSS support this morning, with Tower of Fantasy, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Wild Hearts, and The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom expansion all being added alongside Diablo 4.

So, you’ve got DLSS 3 enabled, but your fps is still poor. Maybe the rest of your settings aren’t optimized for performance. As always, we’re here for you: check out our guide to the best Diablo 4 settings to make sure your rig’s not getting between you and the butchered corpses of two dozen of Lilith’s demon familiars.