Diablo 4 Druid class – everything we know

Here's everything Blizzard has revealed about the Diablo IV Druid class, returning for the first time since Diablo 2.

After being the worst kept secret in the industry for several years, Diablo IV has finally been revealed at Blizzcon 2019. Aside from the first CGI and gameplay trailers, Blizzard also revealed details on three of the five character Diablo 4 classes that will be available in the game – and out of these, the most exciting announcement was probably the Druid. So while we may not have got a Diablo 4 release date, there are still plenty of details to dig through.

Of course, the Druid was a class that was last seen in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, and was totally absent from Diablo III – constantly the class’ return in Diablo IV, filling one of the only five slots available, is a major deal.

Indeed, according to game director Luis Barriga, the Druid originally, “was not part of our original line-up for Diablo IV. That lasted about a day.” What changed the production team’s minds was a cool piece of artwork showing the druid as a large, tough, imposing, skull-clad figure flanked by two intimidating wolves. “The art inspires the design of this game,” adds Barriga.

Previously in Diablo II, Druids could wield fire magic, but Barriga says that this “didn’t meet the fantasy of someone in-tune with nature.” Consequently this has been replaced with storm and earth magics instead. The gameplay demo showed off the powerful Cataclysm spell, where a storm of light and tornadoes tears through a bunch of skeleton enemies on the battlefield.

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The Druid will be able to shift between human, werewolf and werebear forms in what Barriga describes as “seamless shape-shifting”. The team are aiming to “truly embrace the hybrid nature of the class”, as players can transform mid-swing from caster to werewolf, summon a boulder, and charge into enemies as a werebear – all with just a few clicks. However, if you want to stick to specific form you can simply assign all your buttons to abilities of that form, so you can be a bear all the time if you wish.

Various examples of looks for the Druid were shown, including outfits where the character is covered in chainmail with a horned skull mask, smothered in vines, or done up like some sort of golden crow. The Druid in the gameplay is accompanied by two wolf companions at all times, but other companion creatures can be summoned too – including ravens and vines.

Redditor u/KingPungy got a look at the abilities for all the classes, so here are all the Druid’s powers that they spotted:


  • Earthspike: Impale enemies with earth
  • Shred: Shapeshift into a werewolf and attack
  • Storm Strike: Electrify your weapon and attack
  • Maul: Shapeshift into a werebear and maul enemies, defending yourself
  • Wind Shear: Send out a blade of wind


  • Pulverize: Turn into a werebear and slam
  • Landslide: Crush enemies between earth pillars
  • Tornado: Create a moving vortex to attack enemies


  • Cyclone Armor: Create ranged protection and melee deflection armor
  • Earthen Bulwark: Create a shield around yourself with rocks
  • Trample: Run forward as the werebear and stun
  • Debilitating Roar: Shapeshift into a bear and reduce enemy attack speed
  • Ravenous Bite: Turn into a werewolf and perform a lifestealing attack


  • Hurricane: Deal damage in an area around you
  • Boulder: Unearth a boulder that knocks back enemies


  • Wolves: Summon two wolves and direct them to fight
  • Ravens: Summon Ravens to periodically attack
  • Vine Creeper: Creeper emerges and poisons enemies randomly


  • Cataclysm: Create a storm that follows you for 10 seconds
  • Grizzly Rage: Become a super bear with super bear abilities
  • Petrify: Stun all enemies and deal damage