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Diablo 4 Holy Cedar Tablets choice explained

Here's what you should inscribe on the D4 Holy Cedar Tablets upon entering Kyovashad for the first time and an explainer of how it affects your story.

Diablo 4 holy cedar tablets: A priest holds a bible in front of his as he looks at something out of frame, pure terror in his face.

What should you inscribe on the Diablo 4 Holy Cedar Tablets? After meeting Lorath and walking with him to the village, the town’s young guard informs you that you may not enter until you’ve carved your deepest sin into a piece of holy wood and cast it into the fire. In our various playthroughs of Diablo 4 so far, we’ve selected every option, so we can help you confess your own sins.

Shortly into the Diablo 4 campaign, you venture towards Kyovashad and are tasked with the brief Rite of Passage quest, in which you must complete a cleansing ritual to enter the village, unlocking its fast-travel waypoint, jeweler, and more. Faced with the choice of what to write though, does your answer affect your Diablo 4 gameplay? We’ve got the answer for you, and it might surprise you. Now, here’s what to inscribe on the Diablo 4 Holy Cedar Tablets and what effect this choice has.

What should you inscribe into the Holy Cedar Tablets?

You should inscribe whatever option best fits your intended playstyle into the Diablo 4 Holy Cedar Tablets. The choice doesn’t change how your story plays out, but it will come up in a later conversation with Lorath. This means you can choose any of the following options without fear of it being the wrong choice.

The Rite of Passage quest screen, showing your five options of which to carve into the D4 holy cedar tablet before entering Kyovashad.

The choices you are offered to inscribe into the wooden tablet are:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Greed
  • Meaningless scribbles

In a Twitter thread following the beta, the game’s senior quest designer, Harrison Pink, detailed the purpose of the interaction, and how such a small scene goes a long way in developing character. We highly recommend checking out the full thread, but, to summarize, the scene tells us a lot about the residents of Kyovashad as well as Lorath himself, who refuses to participate in the tradition. Your answer is retained by the game and changes a later interaction with Lorath, who correctly ‘guesses’ what you wrote, suggesting he is very intuitive. The practical reason behind the scene is that the developers simply needed a reason to split you and Lorath up on your way into the city. Cool, huh?

Now you know the option you choose won’t make much of a difference to your gameplay, it’s up to you whether you inscribe your own sins into the D4 Holy Cedar Tablets, or choose the option most fitting for your character. Maybe your choice will depend on which of the Diablo 4 classes you choose: Anger for a Barbarian, perhaps? On the topic of classes, make sure yours is equipped with one of the best Diablo 4 builds, as decided by us and Blizzard developers themselves.